“…grow, manage, communicate…”

A truly great brokerage is a perfect storm of efficiency, visibility and a top-drawer talent pool. A tall order - unless you have the right tool on your side.

So what can Real Web Brokerage offer the forward-thinking entrepreneur?

As multi-faceted as it is intuitive to use, Real Web Brokerage helps manage and supply the demands of today’s real estate brokerage. Up the ante on how you grow and promote your brokerage with software that syndicates your marketing. Consolidate management of clients and representatives with a single, robust Customer Relationship Management. Or take a more calculated approach to lead generation with cold calling tools including brokerage Do Not Call List administration. All of which is crucial in attracting the right talent to your team – and the right clients to your business.

As a full-service solution, Real Web Brokerage:

  • Organizes and cultivates – The right software can both consolidate and grow your relationships. Real Web Brokerage helps you simplify lead generation with IDX and VOW solutions, and improve your capacity for managing clients and agents with simple CRM tools.
  • Elevates your profile – Marketing isn’t just about drawing the right clients, it’s also about attracting the right employees. Real Web Brokerage facilitates search, website optimization and marketing distribution – making sure you are creating the right message and they you are reaching the right market.
  • Offers ongoing support and training – Ease of use should be price of entry. Easily activated and fully customized, Real Web Brokerage not only offers ongoing training for your administrators, but also has an ongoing support and training program available to your representatives.
Starting from $50/mo. Activate now!

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